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  • Lenovo ThinkPad L470 Firmware update with Linux

    My company notebook (A Lenovo ThinkPad L470) sometimes crashed when I put it into the docking station: It turn back on, the external monitor turns on, but after that I only see a black screen with the mouse cursor. Today I had enough and performed the pending firmware update, which also includes the Intel CPU microcode updates.

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    Secure Boot with Linux


    Unwanted binaries like viruses should be prevented from loading. This is known as Secure-Boot. The (U)EFI firmware only loads binaries signed by the “Platform key” (PK) certificates. The PK is pre-installed by the manufacturer. Probably 9x% come with Microsoft Windows pre-installed. Therefor most PCs come with Microsoft key pre-installed. For Qemu/KVM there is “OVMF”: It is based on the EDK2 (EFI Development KIT). It is developed by the “TianoCore” community. It has not keys pre-installed.

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    You're up and running!

    Next you can update your site name, avatar and other options using the _config.yml file in the root of your repository (shown below).

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